Our Baby Matilda

One of my most vivid memories is sitting in the corner armchair of my parents' living room - my mum bringing a raw carrot for me to eat as I try to sound out the words in a sentence from Roald Dahl's THE BFG. I have several memories, actually, of learning to read through his stories. My favourite, though, was always MATILDA. I don't know what it was about a little girl who loved books and learning so much, a little girl who also embodied a magic that would help her overcome the great challenges that faced her at such a young age. You could say I wanted to be like her.

My husband had no idea I was driving him to meet a Canadian Kennel Club breeder last week. He didn't know a thing until we pulled up at the house and he stepped out to find three baby miniature dachshunds stumbling around on the deck as they attempted to squat down and pee. We have wanted a dog for such a long time, and now really felt like the right time to take that big step - you could say it was kind of magical in itself. 


New parents always say that they didn't know what love was until they held their child for the first time. Tilly is a dog, yes, but as a queer couple having a baby is not a privilege open to us - no matter how much wish it was. Holding our puppy for the first time was the next best thing, and it was more emotional than I can put into words here. We both cried, and as I held her in my arms and turned her ear back over, I made a silent promise (like Miss Honey) to always protect her - because the love we were gaining from her felt so magical that it was like it leapt off the page from one of the books I read as a child. So much so, that we named her Matilda Hupton-MacGregor - Tilly for short.